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Air Fryer Review: GoWise Air Fryer 3.7- quart
06.04.2018 22:57




This video is about the GoWise Air Fryer 3.7-quart. Is this really worth it? Will my fries be crispy air fried? At 
I answer these questions and more as I discover the Air Fryer. My wife introduced me to this new rage all over the web and now I use it everyday. 
I still wonder why I didn't know about the Air Fryer sooner. Join me on my journey as I cook food without oil and show you how to find cheaper air fryers and silent air fryers too.
 In this video I air cooked with the Air fryer for the very first time. I inspect my fries before and after to help you make an educated and informed decision about the Air fryer to see if it is worth
 it for you. If you are interested in the different items that you can cook in an air fryer I have a sample of some of the recipes from the 50 Air fryer recipes booklet that came with my 
GoWise Air Fryer. I truly believe this is a great alternative stove top frying and/or deep frying in order to get a deep fried cook without oil.


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